I don't know which is more rare, seeing an M coupe driving around or seeing one that by the looks of it, has enough room on those beastly wide Braid Tokyo 1's to fit a small baby. This is just pure sex! The whole car from every angle will make you quiver and wish you could ever own such a car. The BMW has had some unique body work done, starting with the slight boser hood with the Carline front bumper with molded hood grills,  you than work your way to the back were a clean shaven hatch and euro rear sit and those shiny quad tips let you know its an M product.The fenders have also been pulled to allow such wide wheels to be run. Silverspooler, the owner of this clean Z3, has also mentioned that the car will be getting some suspension tweaks in the coming weeks and will be lowering it even more! All in all this car just screams win and is a definite show stopper and there's hard luck to find another M coupe that can even come close to getting on Silverspooler's level. Oh, and did I mention he owns an ISF?! Between that and this tissue grabbing auto, his garage is for sure to be one bad ass place. Looking forward to seeing what he does to that JDM monster. Look at his club page for more info and blog updates about the car.

Specs: BMW M Coupe
Wheels: Braid Tokyo T1
18x10F & 18x12R
Suspension: KW V2 with custom spring rates (400lb F and 600lb R)


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