Sites and Clubs Dedicated To The Honoring of Stanced Cars & Their OG Owners


"W.F.S.U" is a dedicated car club that has only been around for a short while but hit the VW scene with a bang and started off running. The club has had a full feature in the coveted PVW magazine just within their first year of being established alone. If that doesnt say something than cars sure do. I am a current member of this site and am honored to be apart of something that is growing everyday with new car owners constantly joining. Its a true site dedicated to those who know the real meaning of "Stance" and what a commitment it takes to get there.

Site:   http://wfsu.net/


Stance Works is a site that I have just recently joined and not a moment to soon. Its a place filled with some of the most baller cars around, from slammed Beammers & JDM cars, to just about anything that can have proper stance with some sexy wide wheels. The people on the forum are great and really know their stuff, and their scattered all over the world. If your looking for a site where all there is, is just OG_Status type cars, than look no further my friends.

Site: http://www.stanceworks.com/


Ever have someone tell you your car is too low? Or those wheels are to wide? If so, than this is the place for you. If your driving a clean slammed car with a great stance some better baller or rare wheels than you guys need to check out WFC. This site is dedicated to all those OG's out there who worked hard to produce an epic ride. If your into a chill place to talk about cars, shows & wheels and the meaning of offsets than this is a must.

Site: http://wfcrew.forumotion.com/


This site is the quint essential must join for anyone who currently owns more than 2 sets of rare or sick wheels. Im not talking your average TSW's or Axis but people who have a set of fully polished BBS RS's and than some OZ Futuras and maybe those sweet Work TE37's lying around. Maybe you have a coffee table made from a set of CCW's? If you have said yes to the any of the above sentences than you my friend need to hit this site up right now!! Its a whole site deidcated to peoples love for finding those very hard to find set of ballers wheels and refinishing them into works of art. It has some of the cleanest cars from all over Europe and the US, and the owners are definabley not new to stance game. Mostly VW but it caters to a wide variety of owners and their awesome rides.

Site: http://www.wheel-whores.com/


If you dont know what Hella Flush is, than you might aswell give up now. Plain & Simple. I dont need to explain what this site is about, its says it in the title. It's an entire site dedicated to the garage of GOD. If your car has ever been featured on there than you are for sure doing it all better than we ever can

Site: http://fatlace.com/hellaflush/