Cool drift video I found on vimeo, seems to be a fatlace production so that right there should make it awesome to watch. So enjoy so more side ways action with these crazy drifters.  
Here again is some amazing creative work from AdvanTech, check out there show reel for 08, yes its a year old but who cares! The cameras and the angels used are extraordinary, they really do make you gasp with such detail. I can only wish that one day I could hire these guys to create a short film with my car. If only....

Check there site for more videos:
AdvanTech Studios is an amazing film company that has done some awesome work for Top Gear and other famous automotive shows. They create brilliant works, showing crisp colors and great camera capture. They truly do have a gift for there work and will look forward to future little movies they create. Look forward to the Show Reel clip later on when posted, that is a true stunning piece of work.

www.advantechstudios.com    <--- check for even more films.
The sickest commercial ever! I know most of you out there are using your DVR players to skip ahead those annoying commercials, you know the ones telling you your to fat or where the hooker beating sales man is trying to get you to buy an O so amazing sham-not so-wow. Well this is far from any of those things, and personally I think more commercials need to be just like this, I mean hell i'll go right now to any local shell station and fill up a full tank if by some magical way Mr.Schumacher will pop up in my drivers seat, or get my GTi to perform like these classic formula 1 cars. Just listen to those classic race engines under WOT. 
Touge Heroes has released this quick 20 minute preview of their full length DVD. It's a sick rush of constant sideways action through the eyes of some of the well known names dominating the drifting scene. A little lengthy for a trailer but if your a gear head and a JDM nut than there's no excuse to not watch it! Check out their website at tougeheroes.com for more short video clips and information about the full length DVD for sale.
So was looking at WFSU the other day and came across this video one of the guys posted up. Its some pretty cool drifting action captured with great camera techniques. A must watch for any dorifto freak. Check it out in HD at vimeo.com
Wagenwerks is at it again! This time taking us to two of the sickest events in the world. Southern Worthersee in Georgia and Worthersee in Austria. Just hit play, sit back and start to be dumbfounded by the great talent Wagenwerks has put together to showcase both events like never before. A must have dvd for all VW guys out there, check Wagenwerks for its release. Be sure to check it out in HD at vimeo.com
H2O is one of the largest VW gatherings on the East coast and is hailed as the ultimate show of the year. Its the type of event people start preparing for months & months before hand, getting the last few touches done to the ride before making that epic cruise to OC, Maryland. With VW crews coming from as far south as Florida every year its definabley getting bigger and better, and 2008 was no different. Watch as Wagenwerks captured the event in true dub style and brings you some of the coolest 8 minutes of automotive filming. Check it out in HD at vimeo.com.