If at this point your rubbing your head trying to think who Mike Burroughs is, than you probably haven't been in the stance game long enough. So let me introduce to you the man who is not only in the game, but a winning champion. He's like the Michael Schumacher of this world, never losing and only getting better at everything he drives. Mike drives this incredible rust bucket E28 535i from heaven, and does it with no shame. His car from a distance might look like something one would usually see lying in a junk yard somewhere withering away but once you get up close to this amazing vehicle the only thing your reaching for is the napkin to clean up the drool slumbering out of your mouth. I mean just look at it, its freakn gorgeous. The wheels, the rust, the stance; everything just comes together to form a magnificent looking car that out matches anything on the road in conjunction with OG status.

Whats even better about Mike is that he is no new comer to this world, as is surely seen in his past rides, such as his old 1988 BMW 635CSi (pictured below), and we can only imagine that in the following years we will be seeing his sense of style fitted to his future rides, what ever they may be.

 BBS RS's :RS285 and 286s.
 18x8.5 and 9.5 et13 all around


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