So what do you get when you take a German street monster and sprinkle in some JDM goodness? You get this E39 M5 from Germany and than you say "Oh my God, I just came!" The wheels on this car are just drop dead amazing and the combination of slight chrome with fully polished lips is a real heart stopper. I don't usually like older beammers rocking 20's just cause to me persoanlly the body lines and size of most E39's would never really look good with such a large wheel, but this guy Germany has for sure changed my mind. The Wheels are Work Rezax 2's, 20x10 Front & 20x11.5 Rear. The wheels matched matched with the Hamman front lip give this M5 a very clean and classy look. Not to extreme but not to subtle. I do wish it was sligthtly lower but im no hater and wouldnt ever mind rocking such a beautiful E39, especailly one with 400bhp and RWD! Oh and check out his site, the guy's shop has some of the sexiest BMW's around. Look at the E30 below.

Specs: E39 M5
10x20 ET10 with 255/30-20 Hankook S1 Evo
11,5x20 ET16 with 305/25-20 Hankook S1 Evo
Hamman Front Lip

Specs: E30
Bottom of its picture page


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