It's very hard these days to find a Mini that I can say is OG and actually desire to own or drive, but this John Cooper 09 Mini sure as hell changed that. I present to you a very baller mini with some very serious choices in mods. The owner of this car went for the clean approach and added some European flare with Euro fenders and a John Cooper Work Challenge Race Car Front Lip. The car is sitting on some beautiful fully polished CCW Classics 18x8 +32 all around. But whats a mini without proper stance? So some BC Racing type-BR coils were added and set to make sure this little monster was sitting nice and flush. This Mini is guaranteed to make you think twice next time you think about whether or not you could ever own such a car. Personally I think the only thing missing is a nice air setup but im just bias, maybe its the VW owner in me.

Check his build for more info:

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