When most people think of a crazy 350z most think of some one who has fitted their Z with an APS twin turbo kit, or a single BT and runs some crazy track time, but to me a crazy Z is one who's nuts are dragging the ground and running the perfect offset wide wheels, and luckily such a gem exists. This Z33 is unreal. Its stance is on point and the desired effect its owner has brought to the Z33 community is for sure to be achieved. 
The car is the pinnacle example of what hard work and time can achieve with the right few mods and good decisions. The car is STATIC!!! There are no air lines here and the wheels, well they speak for themselves. Click the picture for more great views of this JDM goddess.

F19x10 0 offset 225/35
R19x11 0 offset 245/35
custom DPE ST-10 with Carbon Fiber Lips
Coils: Stance GR+