So just found this beast today and my god is it spectacualr. I dont know how many times Ive wanted to see a proper bagged G35 and now I find this. This to me is perfect, I dont think anything more done to this could make it even more baller, except maybe of course something from APS Engineering. The wheels match amazingly with the rest of the car and bewtween the perfect offsets and crazy deep dish, the whole setup comes together like a glove. The only question I have is, "Where did I put that tissue box..?"
This clean looking s2k is trully balling. Its so nice and simple and the work put into it by its owner is shown throughout. Now some people dont like the look of those big GT wings but I love them and matched with the authentic Mugen hardtop this car looks straight JDM. Whats even more interesting is the engine bay, while theres alot of s2k's running around with a pretty good stance few actually have a mix of both sides of the baller table, this one is one of those few, fitted with a pretty dope supercharger I have no doubt this car can kick some ass.
Heres a pretty nice 76 KP30. Very clean and quick. This little fun box is a cool rpject belonging to Rob or Racer86 over at stanceworks. He has a full build up on his blog and its quite a cool read. Definabley a car i wouldnt mind having for a fun weekend racer. Hope to see what else Rob has in store for it in the future. Right now it has a nice Toyota 5K 1500 Engine which has been ported and cammed. Look below for some more info.
Toyota 5K 1500 Engine, up-righted, lightened, balanced, ported head, twin 40's, 286 cam, 4 branch .

- Sus is shortend front damper legs converted to coilies and KW top mounts. Rear runs decambered springs, Mini GAZ adjustable dampers

- 5 Speed box, 4:1 diff, 600kgs 130bhp
So again doing some finding I came across these two incredible cars over at StanceWorks. I know there cars have been all over the inter webs and have been seen before but I mean whats the problem with seeing them again? Nothing! These cars are meant to shown over & over again, there just plain beautiful. Every detail has been thoroughly thought out and has been executed to perfection. Click the pic to see one of the sexiest engine bays of all time. You could eat off of it, hell I would have sex with it! Its just pure un adulterated pleasure to whom ever gets to open that bonnett on a daily basis. I mean what would you do knowing in your garage sits one of these cars?

Specs on the Integra

 Flaken 912 205/40/16 all around
16x8 5 offset front
16x9.5 0 offset rear

Specs On the EG
195/45/15 toyo T1r al around
15x9 0 offset Front
15x9.5 -6 offset Rear

You may have seen this before, if so I don't care & look again, if not than take a look at this JDM drifting machine that is very close to perfection as you know it. Who would ever thought such wide equips and some sideways action would ever come together so nicely? Its almost like looking at a piece of art hitting the track and truly showing what JDM is all about. This car is fantastic looking, regardless if its doing 0 mph or 100mph. The car is a true wonder of the owners style and what he wanted the car to do. I love when people tell me slammed cars are useless, they cant perform and really have no use as a DD. At which point after verbally smacking them, I will show them this car and they can than sit back and enjoy that large foot in their mouth.

So looking around the VIP Styles forum and saw this Lexus done up in typical California style, slammed to the ground and mad camber outback, -15 degrees to be exact! This GS400 is the exact definition of what VIP style is and how it should be done. The car rides on an Airride Technologies level pro 2 with a digital controller. The bags are UAS and brackets.To achieve such nasty camber in the rear, the car has Ikeya Formula Toe arms and customized Ikeya Formula rear upper camber arms. Together matched with some always stylish Wed Kranze ER-M wheels with of course some crazy low offsets, has turned this car into a spectacular piece of work. Can only wait to see whats next for this GS, going to be hard to top the Weds and I heard some info about possibly new fenders which means even crazier offsets and mind boggling camber.

Specs: 1999 Lexus GS400
Wed Kranze Er-M
19x9.5 -19 215/35/19 Falkens
19x11.5 -51 255/35/19 Hanhooks


Airride Technologies level pro 2 and Digital Controller
Ikeya Formula Toe arms and
Customized Ikeya Formula rear upper camber arms
Blitz valves
.5 inch lines ,
UAS bags and brackets
Kyb gr2 shocks

When most people think of a crazy 350z most think of some one who has fitted their Z with an APS twin turbo kit, or a single BT and runs some crazy track time, but to me a crazy Z is one who's nuts are dragging the ground and running the perfect offset wide wheels, and luckily such a gem exists. This Z33 is unreal. Its stance is on point and the desired effect its owner has brought to the Z33 community is for sure to be achieved. 
The car is the pinnacle example of what hard work and time can achieve with the right few mods and good decisions. The car is STATIC!!! There are no air lines here and the wheels, well they speak for themselves. Click the picture for more great views of this JDM goddess.

F19x10 0 offset 225/35
R19x11 0 offset 245/35
custom DPE ST-10 with Carbon Fiber Lips
Coils: Stance GR+

So I was searching around the other night & came across this master piece in the VIP styles forums. This thing is a truly sick TL, and it's very rare to see a well done  Acura TL these days that has a nasty stance and awesome wheel pairing. The car is running some 19" Leon Hardiritt Ordens, 19x10 F and 19x11 R. The TL is on air to get it that great VIP style. According to the owner the car in the next coming year is going to be having some very insane bodywork done and the whole car will change to form a new style for it, definably something to look forward too. The whole car just sits so proper and looks fresh in that great white color. This TL is a true art piece of form and function and no doubt a people stopper.
Cant wait to see what the future brings and seeing where its at, it can only get better from here. Surprisingly the owner is not from California as most would suspect from a car like this but from the awesome state of NY, which is even more eye popping as for anyone whos ever driven in the state should know just how pot hole friendly it is. 

Link to Build Page:  http://www.vipstylecars.com/forums/showthread.php?t=17862