Over at StanceWorks is this pretty cool E46, with a rusted hood. This is something not seen that much in the BMW community, but mostly left to the VW guys with there rusted MK1's or to that infamous Mr. Burroughs. Check the pics and I'll leave it to you guys to decide if you think its cool or not. I think its pretty bad ass personally and would love to see it in person. Though to some it may be to extreme, isnt it always better to be different than to go with the norm? Thats what I thought...

So what do you get when you take a German street monster and sprinkle in some JDM goodness? You get this E39 M5 from Germany and than you say "Oh my God, I just came!" The wheels on this car are just drop dead amazing and the combination of slight chrome with fully polished lips is a real heart stopper. I don't usually like older beammers rocking 20's just cause to me persoanlly the body lines and size of most E39's would never really look good with such a large wheel, but this guy Germany has for sure changed my mind. The Wheels are Work Rezax 2's, 20x10 Front & 20x11.5 Rear. The wheels matched matched with the Hamman front lip give this M5 a very clean and classy look. Not to extreme but not to subtle. I do wish it was sligthtly lower but im no hater and wouldnt ever mind rocking such a beautiful E39, especailly one with 400bhp and RWD! Oh and check out his site, the guy's shop has some of the sexiest BMW's around. Look at the E30 below.

Specs: E39 M5
10x20 ET10 with 255/30-20 Hankook S1 Evo
11,5x20 ET16 with 305/25-20 Hankook S1 Evo
Hamman Front Lip

Specs: E30
Bottom of its picture page

I don't know which is more rare, seeing an M coupe driving around or seeing one that by the looks of it, has enough room on those beastly wide Braid Tokyo 1's to fit a small baby. This is just pure sex! The whole car from every angle will make you quiver and wish you could ever own such a car. The BMW has had some unique body work done, starting with the slight boser hood with the Carline front bumper with molded hood grills,  you than work your way to the back were a clean shaven hatch and euro rear sit and those shiny quad tips let you know its an M product.The fenders have also been pulled to allow such wide wheels to be run. Silverspooler, the owner of this clean Z3, has also mentioned that the car will be getting some suspension tweaks in the coming weeks and will be lowering it even more! All in all this car just screams win and is a definite show stopper and there's hard luck to find another M coupe that can even come close to getting on Silverspooler's level. Oh, and did I mention he owns an ISF?! Between that and this tissue grabbing auto, his garage is for sure to be one bad ass place. Looking forward to seeing what he does to that JDM monster. Look at his club page for more info and blog updates about the car.

Specs: BMW M Coupe
Wheels: Braid Tokyo T1
18x10F & 18x12R
Suspension: KW V2 with custom spring rates (400lb F and 600lb R)


It's very hard these days to find a Mini that I can say is OG and actually desire to own or drive, but this John Cooper 09 Mini sure as hell changed that. I present to you a very baller mini with some very serious choices in mods. The owner of this car went for the clean approach and added some European flare with Euro fenders and a John Cooper Work Challenge Race Car Front Lip. The car is sitting on some beautiful fully polished CCW Classics 18x8 +32 all around. But whats a mini without proper stance? So some BC Racing type-BR coils were added and set to make sure this little monster was sitting nice and flush. This Mini is guaranteed to make you think twice next time you think about whether or not you could ever own such a car. Personally I think the only thing missing is a nice air setup but im just bias, maybe its the VW owner in me.

Check his build for more info:

So across at StanceWorks SeanDub decided this week to surprise us all with his new set of wheels, and by god there amazing! If a slammed E36 isn't bad ass enough check it out on these sexy BBS RS's with white centers,green lips, polished bolts, hex caps & BBS logos. A pretty unique set up that is for sure going to get people at those red lights going "WTF?" SeanDub was certainly trying to surprise the peeps at StanceWorks with something different and it surely worked. Check out the pics by Mike Burroughs and get those tissues ready, cause your going to need them.

BBS RS's 17x8.5 et13 all around

Suspension: customized H&R coilovers, TMS camber arms, Vorshlag camber plates
Tires: 205/40 Fuzion ZRi
If at this point your rubbing your head trying to think who Mike Burroughs is, than you probably haven't been in the stance game long enough. So let me introduce to you the man who is not only in the game, but a winning champion. He's like the Michael Schumacher of this world, never losing and only getting better at everything he drives. Mike drives this incredible rust bucket E28 535i from heaven, and does it with no shame. His car from a distance might look like something one would usually see lying in a junk yard somewhere withering away but once you get up close to this amazing vehicle the only thing your reaching for is the napkin to clean up the drool slumbering out of your mouth. I mean just look at it, its freakn gorgeous. The wheels, the rust, the stance; everything just comes together to form a magnificent looking car that out matches anything on the road in conjunction with OG status.

Whats even better about Mike is that he is no new comer to this world, as is surely seen in his past rides, such as his old 1988 BMW 635CSi (pictured below), and we can only imagine that in the following years we will be seeing his sense of style fitted to his future rides, what ever they may be.

 BBS RS's :RS285 and 286s.
 18x8.5 and 9.5 et13 all around