MichaelMark5 is a man who's passion for Dubs runs deep not only within himself, but also within his family. Some would even consider him the luckiest man alive, and that's not just cause he drives one of the sickest MKV's on the east coast, but because his wife does too. That's right, his wife! Together they are one of the dopest families around. While most guys have to deal with the misses always nagging about why they spent $1500 on a set of wheels and not on them, the only nagging Mike receives is most likely in the form of "My car is more baller than yours" from KT.

 Both cars are sitting on a pair of always sexy BBS RS's, in fact Mike has a nice little collection going on with his wheels, his ever changing desire to make the car always that little bit better means that he has been able to collect a few sets of RS's in multiple colors from a nice root beer brown to a clean blue. Both cars have been modified in there bag set ups as to make sure that when ever parked, that sub frame kisses the sweet asphalt below. The awesomeness doesn't just stop at the outside either, as the interior is one of the cleanest around. The whole interior has been re-wrapped in peanutbutter and the trunk set up for his air ride has a clean suede bottom & sides. Together matched with his canny ability to capture some of the sexiest pictures around with his camera abilities (just click the pics), his car has become well known in the VW community. Both a must see at the up coming H2O International.

KT: 17x8.5et35 up front and 17x10.5et22 out back
Mike:  17x8et37 rear 17x9et37


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