Heres a pretty nice 76 KP30. Very clean and quick. This little fun box is a cool rpject belonging to Rob or Racer86 over at stanceworks. He has a full build up on his blog and its quite a cool read. Definabley a car i wouldnt mind having for a fun weekend racer. Hope to see what else Rob has in store for it in the future. Right now it has a nice Toyota 5K 1500 Engine which has been ported and cammed. Look below for some more info.
Toyota 5K 1500 Engine, up-righted, lightened, balanced, ported head, twin 40's, 286 cam, 4 branch .

- Sus is shortend front damper legs converted to coilies and KW top mounts. Rear runs decambered springs, Mini GAZ adjustable dampers

- 5 Speed box, 4:1 diff, 600kgs 130bhp

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